The Story of the Bowerbird

Do you know the story of the Bowerbird?

The Emporium’s market area has transformed into a community gathering place. You can find kids enjoying an afternoon sundae, professionals with laptops and local kombucha, and friends sipping on espresso from our tiny café, Bowerbird Coffee. The focus on community extends to the products we carry in the market and is exemplified through our partnership with Smokestack Pottery.

As the popularity of Bowerbird Coffee in The Emporium continues to grow, we will share the story of the Bowerbird, its unique mating technique, and how it relates to the market offerings. Bowerbirds are renowned for their elaborate structures, or bowers, that the males build and decorate with colorful objects. These nests with incredible color palettes are solely used to attract female birds, and the males spend a lot of time rearranging the items. If you haven’t seen these masterpieces, it’s worth doing some research!

Through partnering with community hub, Smokestack Pottery, we are able to offer pieces from a few different local artists that range from planters to mugs to serving bowls. With colorful objects depicted on our coffee mugs and to-go cups, and through the introduction of art and pottery, we encourage visitors to explore our bright and eye-catching entrance to the restaurant. Our guests can now peruse local art, fabulous color schemes, and delicate objects, and bring something beautiful home to their nest.